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CROSS ISLAND - STRENOUS. Suitable for all ages. You need fitness and balance. Unfit should not attempt this hike. Child 4 years and upwards if good walkers.
An exhilarating 2 mile walk 3- 3-1/2 hours through tree covered jungle starts with a 400 metre climb. In a few places its like climbing a ladder.

You can steady yourself by holding onto natures well placed roots. Always keep to the inside of the track. At the base of the Needle breathtaking views can be seen from one side of the island to the other. A wide chasm, volcanic heart of the island looks across to the mountain Te Kou. Ancient carvings are visible.

Cross the stream 5 times going down to Wigmores water fall. The wet season the river can be fast flowing. Our informative GUIDES will share the history, flora and fauna of the area. BE SAFE GO WITH A GUIDE .

"We reserve the right to refuse those we deem unfit"



Phone:(+682) 21 079
or email us at:

If you have a group larger
than 10 persons, please book
before arriving on Rarotonga.

  • Ample drink of your choice (Pa suggests water)
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Camera
  • Comfortable walking shoes(runners or boots suggested no heels)
  • Spare T-shirt in a plastic bag (to keep it dry in case of rain)
  • Bathing suit for your dip at the waterfall

Transfers to and from your accommodation
Light lunch: A filled roll with seasonal tropical fruit
(special diets, please arrange your own)


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