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A crowd gathered at the starting point of Rarotonga cross- island to celebrate and commemorate the work of one of the Cook Island's most well known sons , Pa Teuruaa. After over 30 years of guiding visitors over the mountains of Rarotonga known as 'Son of Polynesia"embarked on what would be his 5000th and final trek before officially handing the reins over to Bruce Goldsworthy. Those present to honour Pa included Minister of finance Mark Brown and Gerald McCormack Cook Islands natural heritage director , local Sam Crocumbe, business man Don Carlaw long time friends of Pa. MC Metua Vaimene invited Pa up to unveil a specially made plaque , commemorating his years of toursim excellence. Pa added, "my heart is broken today," said Pa in reply."but it's healing" Bruce Goldsworthy said taking over from Pa was big shoes to fill. I never knew much about hiking , about our native plant life, our the last 4 years I've been guiding i've learnt so much about myself family and history of the island: the true island we live on. Gerald McCormack. added," there's more that just Pa's fame and the walk added Mc Cormack it's the most pristine I've ever see. I've been to 80 islands in the Pacific and this is the best nature walk in the Pacific.
Pa can be seen on a $1 Cook Island stamp which is usually printed after they are dead before they receive this honour.

Kia orana - a bit about Pa

Trekking in the mountains started when I was four years old. My Grandmother would send me to gather and count leaves and herbs for traditional healing. This is how ancient knowledge was passed on from one generation to another.

Little did I realise I would become a herbalist of traditional remedies and lead over 5000 tours to date for many visitors to the island.

As I grew, escaping to the mountains was a source of joy instead of the hum drum classroom routine. Nature was unspoilt and birds did not appear to fear man.

A love of showing visitors the pristine wild interior of our Rarotongan mountains led to becoming a bonafied business.

Keeping in shape was also a driving force and to share it with others. Pa's Treks commenced in 1987 when my girlfriend [ now my wife] sketched a cartoon picture of me standing on top of two mountains.

Next day the hotels and motels were alerted to a new activity of hiking. It was a great way to entertain their guests.

Guests tell me it means so much more to have a personal experience and communication and so much safer.

I operate a professional guided tour and encourage guests to appreciate the eco system and Polynesian way.

I look forward to meeting you when you visit my home, Rarotonga.

Kia manuia,


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